What is Literacy

Magic book with pages flying out - literacyLiteracy is a term that can mean many different things.

According to its most practical definition, literacy is the language, math and technical skills that people require to access employment, participate in education and manage daily life requirements.  It helps people meet their personal goals, develop their potential, participate in communities and workplaces and communicate thoughts, ideas and information to others.

More than this though, literacy is social practice. It increases social inclusion and empowerment and in doing so plays a role in increasing one’s ability to share life experiences and participate more fully in one’s community, family and government. The role of literacy is also embedded in such things as oral storytelling, reading for pleasure, and participating in social media.  Access to literacy education is therefore a human right and a cornerstone of equity in a democratic society.

According to its mission and mandate, the Literacy Network of Durham Region believes that everyone is a learner and that all literacies should be honoured and fostered.