Project Management Toolkit

The project management toolkit will assist networks in delivery of literacy projects but can also be applied for use by any community or social service agency for their own project purposes. The methodology is a simplified toolkit that takes tried and true project management theory and summarizes it in a step-by-step guide to delivering a project in the literacy sector in Ontario.

The toolkit is divided into different sections, each focusing on a different project management concept. While we have attempted to include some training information within this document, it is important to note that it does focus on the methodology of project management (i.e., the steps one takes) and less on the how (i.e., how to execute the steps). The reader of this document will benefit greatly by taking a basic project management course.

The methodology represents a comprehensive approach to project management, and we recommend that the document is reviewed in its entirety. This will provide the most comprehensive understanding of the methodology.

Project Management Toolkit – Methodology.pdf

(The Literacy Network of Durham Region will provide or arrange for the provision of accessible documents in alternate formats upon request.)